Tyler Ferguson, Police Officer, Public Safety Scholarship recipient


Anyone who works on the Pensacola campus has likely spoken with Tyler Ferguson. In his job as a police officer at PSC, he keeps us (or tries to!) in line and safe. Tyler doesn’t just do his job, he is a visible fixture on this campus, visiting each of our buildings and taking the time to visit with his colleagues on campus. Tyler is also a PSC student and a scholarship recipient.

“As a recipient of a book scholarship from the Pensacola State College Foundation I am very appreciative and would like to say thank you to all those who have participated in furthering my education as well as many other students. It is impressive to see that employees at PSC go further than their everyday duties working with students by donating to their education. Helping their efforts go even farther those same books that they have funded are donated to the Career and Technical Education library at Pensacola State to help future students succeed.  Thank you PSC.”

This year, $4100 will fund PSC staff scholarships from the Fund for Excellence!

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