Yari was born in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, and moved to Corpus Christi, Texas with her military family when she was four. Her father’s career in the Navy later led them to Baltimore, Maryland and then finally Pensacola, Florida. She now proudly claims to be from Pensacola, Florida.

Yari is friendly, passionate, and kind. She loves to help others, something that makes her well suited to be the Coordinator of Foundation Scholarships and Financial Aid. She has a love for children and enjoys being a cheerleader for anyone who needs one. She believes that a team is strongest when it works together and the key to reaching your fullest potential lies in having a support system that believes in you and pushes you to be your best. Yari has a passion for learning and believes strongly in the importance of unity.

Yari enjoyed playing soccer from 2nd grade to 12th grade and loved the sport so much that she now teaches the basics to her toddler. They both hope that she’ll be a member of the new PSC Women’s Soccer Team one day! Her husband, and high school sweetheart, is a current student at PSC. They both express their gratitude and thank those who support PSC and its students for the impact they’ve had on their lives and the lives of their children. As a member of the Foundation team, she wants to bring positive change to the community. She believes that Pensacola has so much to offer, with recent growth being further evidence of this. Yari and her husband look forward to being better able to provide for their family and plan to leave a legacy of love for others and the community once he graduates from PSC.