Cash Gifts

  • Tax deductible if donor itemizes deductions
  • Actual savings depend on tax rate
  • The higher the tax rate, the greater the savings


  • Payable over a three-to five-year period
  • Deductible in the year a payment is made

Real Estate

  • Possible for donor to make a gift of residence, farm, or vacation home, reserving the right of occupancy as long as donor and spouse live
  • Irrevocable gift qualifies for immediate tax deduction based on present value of remainder interest


  • Assign directly to Pensacola State College or, preferably, transfer through broker
  • Amount of contribution is fair market value on the date of transfer

Closely Held Stock

  • Produces a current tax deduction equal to fair market value of the stock
  • Corporation may redeem shares of the stock from Pensacola State College
  • Could reduce liability for accumulated earnings tax

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