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To create a high functioning fundraising board, a culture of philanthropy is paramount:

  • A philanthropic culture is one in which the organization values, treasures and promotes giving as intrinsic to its organizational mission.
  • It is understood that philanthropic support is an outcome of its existence and mission delivery.


In order to ensure a culture of philanthropy is present, Board Members should be armed with information like that provided in the book, The Seven Faces of Philanthropy.  In this book, it helps board members understand how to best approach and honor donors that invest in philanthropic work.  More importantly, board members must commit to and validate the philanthropic culture by providing or approving the use of the resources necessary to enact best practices.


A PowerPoint summarizing the information found in the book can be found here:


The Gift Relationship and Board Member Interactions with Donors in a Philanthropic Culture

  • Transformational not transactional
  • There is an inherent joy in giving
  • Value-based giving
    • Philanthropic gifts are a transfer of values
    • More than dollars, gifts reflect values
    • Expressions of shared values increase gifts
  • Every gift is important and appreciated
  • Gifts can leave a legacy
  • Based on long-term relationship building
  • Universal understanding that philanthropy is essential to organizational health
  • Philanthropy is a means to achieve the mission


Foundation Center and Candid summarized these concepts in a recent blog: