“I grew up in Pensacola, and graduating from Southern Methodist University with a BBA in Marketing and a BA in Sociology, I began career in Marketing working in both New York, NY and Dallas, TX. In 2018, I was thrilled to move back to my hometown to begin working alongside my parents, John and Susan O’Connor. Currently serving as President of JW Restaurant Group Inc., I oversee operational activities of eight McDonald’s restaurants in Pensacola area. My focus has been on modernizing the organization, streamlining internal processes to increase efficiency, utilizing my extensive marketing experience to help grow the business, and expanding the organization to include our newest location in Beulah. Upon moving back to Pensacola, I hesitated joining any community organizations while I was focused on learning and growing our business. Now that things have settled down, I am eager to carry on my parents’ commitment to our community and would love to be a part of the Pensacola State College Foundation Board. I have a passion for education and the mission and vision of the foundation directly aligns with my own beliefs. I firmly believe that lives can be changed through access to affordable, quality education. In my spare time, I enjoy reading and spending time with my husband and our dog, Moose. I am passionate about traveling, food, and college football.”