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The mission of the Pensacola State College Foundation is to support the long-range plan of Pensacola State College by raising financial support to enhance scholarships, programs, faculty, facilities, and improvements to further increase student accessibility and further improve the learning environment at Pensacola State College.

The vision of Pensacola State College is to be the premier state college in the region. Transitioning to state college status in the Florida College System is essential to responding effectively to local, regional, state, national, and global educational and employment opportunities and demands. We will strategically contribute to the region’s long-term intellectual and economic potential through innovative and affordable means to maximize student success and workforce productivity.

As a state college, we will further enhance our reputation and image as an institution of higher education that promotes and develops all students intellectually, socially, and culturally, propelling them to succeed within the global community.

PSCF Strategic Plan 2015-2020 

PSCF Gift Return Policy

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In 1947, Pensacola State College became the first public junior college to be established under new Florida law. As the college grew, recognition and support from the community also grew, and the Pensacola State College Foundation was incorporated in 1965 as a non-profit corporation that could accept tax-deductible contributions from community supporters.

During the next three decades, the Pensacola State College Foundation helped the college expand its campus, through the addition of many new buildings, as well as additional campus locations.

Donations from alumni and friends of Pensacola State College make the difference – making dreams a reality for many students. The Foundation’s investment strategy provides a maximum return on contributions at a minimum risk. The Foundation ensures professional management and monitoring of contributions to support specific programs at Pensacola State College and to observe the donor’s wishes. We ensure that 100 percent of every contribution is dedicated to the purpose intended.

Today, more than ever, the Pensacola State College Foundation is an integral part of the college.

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