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For more information on how you can be a Change Maker in 2021 and support PSC students with a named endowment or give to Universal Scholarships, please contact Andrea Krieger at 850.484.1477

SAVE THE DATE:   Friday, December 10, 2021



A magical event took place before the 2020 holiday season as we hosted our first Change Maker celebration dinner on December 9th in our newly constructed Baars Technology Building. Attendees included founding donors, Michael and Jo-Ann Price who generously donated $100,000 to inspire other donors with a Change Maker challenge.

During the celebration, five donors were thanked for their commitment that was matched by the Prices and resulted in five new endowed scholarships at $104,500. Additionally, eleven donors were thanked for their contributions that when matched by the Prices made $30,500 immediately available through Universal scholarships.

The final $40,000 of the Price’s generous gift was used to match the State’s first-generation challenge and Florida Blue’s nursing scholarship.

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Thank you to our 2020 Change Makers!

Michael and Jo-Ann Price

Innovation Coast

The Morette Family

Rich and Beth Williams


Sandy Sansing Foundation

Thank You to our Universal Scholarship Change Makers!

Jenn Cole

Steve Del Gallo

Doug Herrick and Sharon Hess-Herrick

Joe and Beverly Kinego

Navy Federal Credit Union

Betty Roberts

Mayor Grover and Jill Robinson

“Flash” Gordon and Bette Sprague

Dee Strickland

Herb and Ann Woll