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PSC Culinary & Hospitality Management Department

Lunch and Dinner Series

Friends of Culinary Arts

The Center for Culinary and Hospitality Management prepares its students for a profitable and exciting career.  Pensacola’s beautiful beaches attract tourists from around the world and make Pensacola a great place for PSC’s culinary and hospitality professionals.  Students get hands-on experience serving members of the community throughout the lunch and dinner series each semester.  These meals are so popular that tickets for an entire semester will sell out in just a few hours!  Program graduates have placed in the top 10 at National SkillsUSA Championships and in the World Food Championships.  Our Alumni work as Chefs in prestigious restaurants such as V Paul’s in Pensacola, FL; Fin & Pearl in Nashville, TN; and Restaurant Iron in Pensacola, FL.

In 2018, a membership group called the Friends of Culinary Arts was formed in support of the culinary arts and hospitality management at PSC.  This is a group of patrons who believe in the importance of the hospitality industry in our community.  Friends of Culinary Arts enable students to obtain new cooking equipment and earn a quality education while practicing in functional kitchens.  Members support students by giving financially and by enjoying early access and discounted tickets to the sold-out lunch and dinner series at the College.  This exquisite series is prepared and served by PSC students!