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Mikenzie Francis,
Donor Relations Coordinator


FOCA Rack Card

Friends of Culinary Arts

The Center for Culinary and Hospitality Management prepares its students for a profitable and exciting career.  Pensacola’s beautiful beaches bring in tourists from around the world and make Pensacola a great place for PSC’s hospitality professionals.  Students get hands-on experience serving members of the community throughout the lunch and dinner series each semester.  These meals are so popular that tickets for an entire semester will sell out in just a few hours!

In 2018, a membership affinity group called the Friends of Culinary Arts was formed in support of the culinary arts at PSC.  This is a group of patrons who believe in the value and the importance of both culinary arts and of our students.  The Friends of Culinary Arts enable our students to obtain new equipment, to earn a quality education, to practice in functional facilities, and to have exceptional opportunities.  Members not only support our students by giving financially, but also by being present at the lunch and dinner series.  As seen below, members get exclusive access to these exquisite meals!


If you have any questions, please reach out to our Donor Relations Coordinator, Mikenzie Francis.

In 2018:

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