Faculty and Staff Giving

As a dedicated faculty or staff member, you strengthen Pensacola State College every day.  Each morning when you come to work, you make a difference in the lives of our students! As an employee, you see firsthand how Pensacola State College shapes the future of our students and our community.  When faculty and staff give, it shows that we stand behind the College and that sends a powerful message.  Your support is special because it illustrates your commitment to the College and it emphasizes that the mission of PSC matters.

PSC staff and faculty have donated nearly $100,000 to the school since 2010.

With your help, we can continue to change lives in Northwest Florida. With your help, today’s students become tomorrow’s leaders, who will strengthen our communities near and far. With your help, PSC is the exceptional place that it is.

Every gift matters. I hope you will consider supporting PSC in a way that matters to you!  Donations can be made online or via payroll deduction by completing this form.

Get Inspired.

Dean of Federal Grants and Programs

“I like the ability to designate where I want my donation to go. I played basketball in high school, so I want to support our athletes — and the same is true for visual arts and performing arts students. I make everyone in my office go to at least 1 graduation a year. I want them to see why we do what we do here in this office. I’m also a big proponent of the technical programs here. So many people tend to look down upon certain degrees, but those are our degrees that are so vital. I hope to give students the ability to accomplish what they’d like to do, but be able to also provide for them and their families so they don’t have to struggle by taking out student loans.”

Director, Institutional Research

“I want to invest in the movers and the shakers of the world! I give to our students because I remember what it was like to be in their shoes; having to choose between paying my portion of the power bill and buying a textbook was never easy. Luck was not what got me to where I am today; the resolve and the support of others while I was in school allowed me to move mountains I never imagined. One day, I hope some of our students look back and remember that some stranger invested in them and I believe they will do the same when they are ready and able.”

Director, Human Resources

“I know the value of education, and that PSC is the roadmap to help students receive a quality education. Volunteering for the Foundation’s events is my way to contribute to the mission of helping students complete their goals and degree.”

Assistant Department Head, English and Communications

“I am inspired by our students’ successes, and I support giving back through donations and community service to fulfill the PSC mission of changing our community through education.”



Employee Gifts are Vital to the Success of Pensacola State College