karli kimmons

Karli is an awarding winning artist and a graphic design student in PSC’s Art Program. 

As the first in her family to attend college, Karli is determined to be a positive role model that inspires her children to pursue a college degree. As a single mom, Karli believes attending college would have been impossible without scholarships. “I can’t thank donors enough for what they’ve done to impact me and my family,” says Karli.

Pictured here, Karli displays her creations. The bag replicates a doctor’s medicine case containing witch hazel and healing herbs. The poster is titled “Her Name Was Not Lolita” and represents victims of child/human trafficking. She hopes to raise awareness to fight trafficking. “One of my instructors always reminds us that what we create can change the world. I want to make that impact!,” Karli says.

Support from donors like you make it possible for Karli to pursue her degree.

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