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Bill Wein, Chief Executive Officer of IMS ExpertServices, has been honored as the 2017 Professional Leader of the Year through the Pensacola Area Commitment to Excellence (PACE) Awards. As CEO of IMS ExpertServices (a global firm dedicated to connecting the world’s best litigators to top subject matter expertise and expert witness talent), Mr. Wein has invested in the growth and prosperity of the company and its employees, clients, and stakeholders since its founding in 1992. One of the seven core values of IMS is to “give back in service to one another and community through time and treasure.” Bill Wein and IMS employees contribute to various organizations such as United Way, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Pensacola Young Professionals, United Way, Chain Reaction, Ronald McDonald House, and Pensacola State College. Bill serves on the Feasibility Consultant Selection Committee for the Pensacola State College Board of Governors and is a sought-after community leader for his innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. He is a founding member of Innovation Coast and has spoken on various entrepreneurial insight panels for Gulf Coast Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE), The University of West Florida Center for Entrepreneurship and EntreCon, to name a few. Bill was born in Columbus, GA, and attended the University of Colorado at Denver. Bill and his wife have two children.