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My name is Jo-Ann Price, age 73, married 56 years to a career Navy pilot, mother of three and grandmother of six. I have an A.S. Degree in general studies, a B.S. degree in early childhood education, an M.S. degree in public administration, along with several certifications in the field of education. I am President and Founder of Price Family Private Foundation, dedicated to providing support in the areas of educational opportunities, challenged populations, locally residing wounded warriors, senior citizen care, military spouse support, childhood medical services and hospice care. I’m also co-owner and vice-president of Price Capital Management, Price Asset Management and Price Farms. I’m truly impressed with the scope of services and programs provided by PCS. I began my secondary education as a non-traditional student, so I understand the challenges many students face, and it is evident that PSC is meeting those challenges. It would be my honor to be part of PSC’s success story.