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Linda supports Foundation Finance with a grateful and happy heart. She has a wide range of experience in accounts payable, fundraising events, bookkeeping, and payroll processing. Her passion is helping people and organizations function smoothly and is delighted to have found her niche where it’s fully utilized in the Foundation’s mission. She’s also a part-time student at PSC, hoping to achieve her degree in Accounting. Originally from Gary, Indiana, Linda’s lived in 7 U.S. climates, most recently the Pacific Northwest, before making Pensacola her home in 2017. She spent 4 years working at Catholic Charities of Northwest Florida. She enjoys being outdoors all times of year in the region’s forests, rivers, and coast. Having swam in the cold waters of Lake Michigan and Seattle’s Puget Sound, she now prefers swimming in the Gulf of Mexico in the winter. She communicates best through words and numbers and has been known to nerd out with Excel spreadsheets just for fun. She enjoys the order that comes from sorting out life in a well-organized and color-coded spreadsheet. As a volunteer leading guided meditations for a local Mindfulness group, Linda uses spoken words, stillness, and vibrations to offer calming, healing energy to our community.
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