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Commissioner Lumon May was first elected to serve as the commissioner for Escambia County District 3 in November 2012, and was appointed chairman from November 2013 through November 2014. Commissioner May currently serves as chairman of the Public Safety Coordinating Council and the Transportation Disadvantaged Coordinating Board. He is a member of the Southern Youth Sports Association, Community Action Program Committee, Inc., Juvenile Justice Council, and Council on Aging. A PJC Alumnus, this former PSA Board member and director of the Southern Youth Sports Association in Pensacola, was awarded the Admiral Kenneth L. Shugart Award. The honor is presented to someone who contributes to youth sports and seven core values. Commissioner May’s parents taught him that he could change the world if he could change his neighborhood. Applying that lesson to life, Commissioner May has served area youth through sports and academics for more than 25 years. Lumon is currently serving on the Selection Committee for the PSC Foundation Board of Governors. Commissioner May and his wife Tammie have two children, Armoni and LJ.