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Name: Jessie Ball duPont Fund

Address: 40 E. Adams St., Ste. 300, Jacksonville, FL 32202-3302

Foundation status: Independent foundation

Phone: 904-353-0890



EIN: 596368632

Asset Amount: $290,301,750

Total Giving: N/A

Gifts Received: $489,725

Expenditures: N/A

Qualifying Distributions: $15,937,064

Giving Activities Include: N/A for grants


The Jessie Ball duPont Fund works to expand access and create opportunity by investing in people, organizations
and communities that were important to Jessie Ball duPont. Across its work, the Fund organizes its resources
around these focus areas: 1) Building the Capacity of Eligible Organizations – so that they can accomplish the
most with the resources at hand; 2) Building the Assets of People, Families and Communities – helps those
communities and people that were important to Mrs. duPont increase access to essentials of healthy, productive
living: education and job preparation, housing, health care and vibrant communities; and 3) Promoting Civil
Society – works to support a strong independent sector, robust civil society and informed and engaged citizenry.

Background: Trust established in 1976 in FL – Jessie Ball duPont was the widow of financier and industrialist
Alfred I. duPont and a successful businesswoman and philanthropist in her own right. She successfully managed the
vast duPont empire in Florida and supported hundreds of churches, schools, and nonprofit organizations nationwide
with her charitable largesse. At the time of her death in 1970, her estate was considered to be the largest ever
filed in the state of Florida. Her will specifically called for the bulk of her estate to be used to perpetuate
her philanthropy by creating the Jessie Ball duPont Religious, Charitable and Educational Fund, now known as the
Jessie Ball duPont Fund. As requested in Mrs. duPont’s will, the fund limits its giving to those institutions to
which the donor contributed personally during the five-year period ending Dec. 31, 1964.


SUBJECTS: Arts and culture, Christianity, Community and economic development, Economic development, Education,
Elementary and secondary education, Family services, Health, Higher education, Historical activities, Housing
development, Human services, Museums, Nonprofits, Performing arts, Shelter and residential care, Youth

GEOGRAPHIC FOCUS: Florida, Delaware, Virginia, Haiti, Estonia, South Sudan

POPULATION GROUPS: Academics, Children and youth, Economically disadvantaged people, Families, Low-income people,
Students, Young adults

SUPPORT STRATEGIES: Capacity-building and technical assistance, Facilities maintenance, Financial sustainability,
General support, Leadership and professional development, Program evaluations, Program support, Research,
Technical assistance


ORGANIZATION TYPES: Independent foundation


The Jessie Ball duPont Fund makes grants in accordance with the terms of Mrs. duPont’s will. Specific grantees
are those that received a grant from Mrs. duPont in the five years ending December 31, 1964. In addition, the
trustees may, at their discretion, consider grants to other organizations whose work provides relief to those in
need in Florida, Delaware or Virginia. These grants are made by invitation only; the trustees do not entertain
unsolicited proposals.

Application form required.

Applicants should submit the following:

1. Additional materials/documentation
2. Copy of current year’s organizational budget and/or project budget
3. Listing of board of directors, trustees, officers and other key people and their affiliations
4. How project’s results will be evaluated or measured
5. Brief history of organization and description of its mission
6. Qualifications of key personnel
7. Signature and title of chief executive officer
8. Site description
9. Timetable for implementation and evaluation of project
10. Copy of most recent annual report/audited financial statement/990
11. Detailed description of project and amount of funding requested

Board meeting date(s): Quarterly

Deadline(s): None

Additional information: Fund acknowledges receipt of proposals and may arrange a conference call or site visit
after review


Giving primarily in the South, especially DE, FL, and VA. No support for organizations other than those awarded
gifts by the donor from 1960-1964. No grants to individuals, or generally for capital campaigns or endowments.