Pensacola State College is ranked in the top 1% in affordability by the Department of Education. However, accessibility to education and federal funding can remain a challenge for students. Donors continue to help bridge this gap by supporting scholarships. In 2019, scholarship donors supported 764 students with 1,117 awards totaling over $508,231!

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Scholarship gifts can be designated to any of the Foundation’s 271 private scholarships. There is no minimum dollar amount required to support our existing scholarship funds! If you would like to make a scholarship donation, but are not sure which scholarship to select, the First Generation Scholarship offers the opportunity for your gift to be matched by the state, amplifying your positive impact and the Universal Scholarship is a general scholarship fund that supports students from diverse demographic backgrounds who are seeking education in a wide variety of fields. Gifts can be acknowledged in honor or in memory of a specific person.


Named Annual Scholarships

A minimum of $5,000 is required to establish and name an annual scholarship. Annual scholarships can be made in commemoration or in memory of someone. An annual scholarship provides awards to current students with no long-term investment of funds. The donor may choose awarding criteria to outline how the funds will be used and the types of students that the scholarship will support. Additional details can be found in the Establishing an Annual Scholarship Information Packet.

Endowed Scholarships

Endowment funds are invested, with interest and dividends used to perpetually fund the scholarship. Endowed scholarships can be established with a single payment or can be built with payments over a period of ten years to reach the minimum level of $20,000. The fund will pay an annual distribution that will be used for the scholarship awards. Each endowed scholarship bears the name designated by the donor. Endowed scholarships can be made in honor or in memory of a specific person. Donors can outline awarding guidelines that dictate how the scholarship funds will be used and what types of students it will benefit. For more information, please see the Establishing an Endowed Scholarship Information Packet.