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Pensacola State College is ranked in the top 1% in affordability by the Department of Education. However, accessibility to education and to federal funding can still remain a challenge for students. Donors to Pensacola State College continue to help bridge this gap for our students by supporting current scholarships and by creating new scholarships.

Create a Scholarship

One-time Scholarship Funds

One-time scholarship awards will be designated to the Foundation’s Universal Scholarship Fund. This fund provides scholarships to students from diverse demographic backgrounds who are seeking education in diverse fields. Donor gifts can be acknowledged in honor or in memory of a specific person and the donor will receive stories and thank you notes from students they have helped.

Named Annual Scholarship Funds

A minimum donation of $5,000 is required to establish and name an annual scholarship. An annual scholarship fund provides awards to current students within an academic year with no long-term investment of money used to establish the fund. For more information about annual scholarship funds, please see the “Establishing a Scholarship” information packet below.


Donors can provide much-needed scholarship support through the establishment of endowments. Each endowed scholarship bears the name designated by the donor. Endowment funds are invested and managed, with interest and dividends used to perpetually fund the scholarship or program requested by the donor.

Endowed scholarships can be established with a single payment or the fund can be built with payments over a period of ten years to reach the minimum level of $20,000. The fund will pay an annual distribution that will be used as the scholarship award.

In addition to naming the scholarship fund, the donor may choose awarding guidelines for how any distributed funds will be used. A Foundation staff member will assist donors to create IRS compliant guidelines that clearly articulate the donor’s gift intent and ensure consistent and successful distribution of available funds. The donor may amend scholarship fund criteria by requesting any changes in writing. For more information about scholarship endowments, please see the “Establishing an Endowment” information packet below.

Commemorative/Memorial Scholarships

By creating a commemorative or memorial scholarship, you honor past achievements while paving the way for a new generation’s accomplishments. Many donors honor a loved one through the creation of a memorial scholarship into which family and friends may contribute. For details, please see the information above about named annual scholarship funds and endowments.

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