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Sandy Sansing has an inspirational tale that he tells on occasion. It’s about his humble upbringing working for 25-cent tips at the old Jitney Jungle grocery store on 12th Avenue in Pensacola. It includes his time attending what was then Pensacola Junior College, on a golf scholarship.

“It was $99 a semester,” Sansing recalls. “It was all I needed for tuition and books. Times have changed over the years.”

But not everything.

“It still takes hard work and commitment,” he says. “I’ve been blessed, far more than I deserve. I’m not that brilliant. I’m not that smart. But I did work hard.”

“I thoroughly enjoy giving financially to support scholarships at PSC. I can help others achieve their dream of a college education that will open doors for them and help prepare them for a wonderful future as productive, happy and successful members of our community. I want to be a ‘Dream Maker,’ and PSC is a perfect place to make this happen!”

decorative image of KayleeAdkins_sq , Sandy Sansing is committed to the Pay It Forward concept 2020-08-10 13:44:14Scholarship recipient Kaylee Adkins just graduated after studying nursing at PSC. She is more than grateful for Sansing’s support. “The scholarships I received while enrolled at Pensacola State College helped me so much,” she says. “They allowed me to focus more on my school work without worrying about the financial burden.”

Sansing, who owns a number of car dealerships along the Gulf Coast, including seven in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties, has more than carried through on a commitment to Pay It Forward to current and future PSC students.

Since its inception, Sansing Scholars have been the beneficiary of more than $480,000.00 in scholarships. Through the summer of 2020, 1,113 students have been helped by Sansing’s decision to Pay It Forward.

“Sandy Sansing does so much for the Pensacola area,” says Daven Perry. “It was a complete honor to receive the Sansing Scholars Scholarship. I am a single mother working hard to provide the very best for my 4-year-old daughter. I am currently interning at Navy Federal Credit Union for cybersecurity and I absolutely LOVE my job! This internship and my education have already opened a so many doors for me.”

Sansing says he is able to help others because PSC helped him.

“My attending PSC was a wonderful beginning for my college education,” Sansing says. “The professors were great, and the classes were small enough that I felt the professors cared about me.”

He says he is committed to the #PiratesPayItForward concept.

Here’s how YOU can Pay It Forward

Don’t miss your chance to join other proud PJC and PSC graduates like Sandy Sansing! This year’s #PiratesPayitForward campaign wraps up soon. Help highlight the generosity of our Pirate Family by making your gift today!

If you remember struggling as a college student and the relief you felt when you received financial support, choose to Pay it Forward today! Click on the link below to go to our #PiratesPayitForward checkout page and enter your monthly, quarterly or one-time gift amount that will support Pensacola State and today’s Pirates.

We look forward to sharing campaign results and stories of how your gift helped.

Click here to Pay It Forward!

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