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Mike Morette has served on the Pensacola State College Foundation Board since 2009. In that time, team members and other voluntary leaders have found many reasons to admire him. His sincerity and his willingness to exceed expectations cause others to aspire to his level of commitment. Mike is a board officer and will follow his Secretarial role with two years as Vice President and two years as President. He serves on the executive, finance, Thank You and Day of Clays fundraising committees.

Mike is just fun to be around. He makes others want to be involved with the College and that makes helping PSC students easier.

Ron Jackson, chair of PSC’s Day of Clays fundraiser says, “I admire not only his willingness to say yes when called upon to get things done but his enthusiasm in getting it done. He always comes through with what he promises.”

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Mike and Laura Rae Morette at the 2018 Holiday Experience

Not only does Mike serve as an exemplary voluntary leader, he puts his wallet where his heart leads. Mike and Morette Company sponsor multiple PSC events, including Day of Clays, Pars for Pirate, Holiday Experience and the annual Quail Hunt. He is currently active serving the Pensacola community on several local boards, including the Synovus Bank Board, Pensacola State College Board of Governors, the Baptist Health Care Foundation Board, UWF’s Building Construction Advisory Board and Pathways for Change Advisory Board.

As a sponsor of the PSC Day of Clays event, Mike and fellow committee member, Lewis Bear, thought a fish fry by Chet’s Seafood could make the event better. So, they added to their sponsorship commitments to serve fried fish and chicken hot out of Chet’s fryers on the day of the event.

Laura Hill, PSC’s Donor Relations Event Manager says, “Mike is kind, caring, compassionate and only wants the best for the Pensacola community. While he lends his time and talents to many local organizations, we are extremely lucky to have his support and wonderful sense of humor at the Foundation. Mike is more fun than bubble wrap! I appreciate his guidance and the support he provides throughout the year and know we are successful because of the strength of his character.”

Born and raised in Pensacola, Mike returned home to work alongside his father, Rick, in 2005. Mike assumed the role of President of Morette Company in 2009 following the untimely loss of his father. Since then, Michael’s strong leadership skills, attention to detail and commitment to owner satisfaction have led the American Subcontractors Association of Northwest Florida to name Morette Company “General Contractor of the Year” five out of the last seven years the award was presented. In 2013, Morette Company won the BuildSouth Award from the Associated General Contractors Association for the Baptist Healthcare West Expansion Project.

Pensacola State College and the Pensacola community are lucky Mike has chosen to serve others while raising his two beautiful girls with his wife of 15 years, Laura Rae.

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2018 Day of Clays