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This is Brenna. When she graduates, she wants to be a Nurse.

Currently Brenna is getting her associates in Pre-Nursing and then plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree in nursing. With help from generous donors who have funded scholarships, she is only two semesters away from her Associate in Science Degree.

Born three months premature at 1 pound 1.4 ounces, Brenna spent her first three months of life in the neonatal intensive care unit, where her parents struggled to cope with

decorative image of image019 , Scholarships Help NICU Patient Become NICU Nurse 2020-12-14 09:16:03visits. Today, Brenna is an accomplished National Honors Society member who graduated Milton High School with a love of life and the hope to live her dreams of serving others as a NICU nurse.


Brenna says, “I chose to get my degree in nursing with the intent of working in the NICU because it is near and dear to my heart. I feel a connection to these babies and their families. Hearing the stories of what my parents went through and how the nurses helped them so much really inspired me to go into this line of work. Receiving scholarship support has helped me get one step closer to my dream job. Thank you to the donors who have given me the opportunity to continue my education.”

The Scholarship Behind the Impact

Brenna received the Chadbourne Foundation Endowed Scholarship for the Summer 2020 semester, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since its inception in 1997, the scholarship has helped hundreds of students attend PSC.

As long-time supporters of the College, the Chadbourne Foundation initially began funding scholarships for engineering students. Edward M. Chadbourne Inc., the road-building company founded in 1926, also supported PJC’s engineering program by enrolling their employees and hiring PJC graduates. The Chadbourne family’s desire to see students succeed is evident in the “two + two” scholarship arrangement they crafted with PJC and UWF, where their foundation also has a generous scholarship endowment. Students who receive a Chadbourne scholarship at PJC and graduate in good standing are given priority for a Chadbourne scholarship when they enter UWF. This commitment to meeting local needs is characteristic of the Chadbourne Family Foundation which helps numerous local organizations. Edward M. Chadbourne, Jr. was honored for his contributions to PSC and the many opportunities he and his foundation have provided to PSC students with the naming of the newly renovated Edward M. Chadbourne Library on the Pensacola Campus in 2009.