Spending her early years in Tennessee before eventually moving to Alabama and later settling in Pensacola, Genevieve is a native of the southeast. She attended the University of Alabama before transferring to the University of West Alabama where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. With a strong teaching background, including instruction of middle and high school mathematics, Genevieve has a passion for education and supporting PSC students. Additionally, with her administrative experience having served in multiple United Methodist Churches in Florida and Alabama, she is prepared to take on the work of the Foundation. In her role as Office Coordinator, Genevieve helps facilitate the ins and outs of the PSC Foundation’s daily operation, assists with communication between the Foundation and its Board of Governors, and serves as the point of contact for questions regarding the Center for Nonprofit Excellence and Philanthropy. By utilizing her passion for helping others, she ensures our team has everything necessary in order to function smoothly.