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Donors can provide much needed scholarship support through the establishment of endowments.

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Donors to Pensacola State College continue to bridge the gap for our students with their support and/or creation of scholarships.

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President’s Circle

The President’s Circle is open to any person wishing to contribute a minimum of $1,000 annually to Pensacola State College. Gifts may be spread across multiple categories within PSC so long as they total $1,000 or above.

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Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday was started to remind holiday revelers around the world that the season is one of charitable giving.

Giving Tuesday for 2021 is November 30th and Pensacola State College hopes to remain connected through your kindness and generosity.  During this season of giving we hope you will remember PSC as your charity of choice.

Faculty and Staff Giving

As a dedicated faculty or staff member, you strengthen Pensacola State College every day. That’s what makes your support to this college so special. It demonstrates your commitment to PSC and its strong future in the region.

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Significant gifts to the college provide opportunities for donors to designate the name of a college facility or program in honor of the donor or another person.

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Anna Society for Visual Arts

The Anna Society is a group of individuals who are passionate about arts education and cultural enrichment along the Gulf Coast.  Anna Society members support the arts, the Anna Lamar Switzer Center, and PSC students by giving financially but also by enjoying exclusive perks at and invitations to events, exhibits, and galleries.

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Athletic Boosters

Athletic Boosters are patrons who promote and support positive community involvement in the Pirates’ athletic program through volunteer service, financial gifts, and event attendance. Boosters believe in the value of sports, of Pensacola State College, and of our students. Support deserving student-athletes while enjoying exclusive perks and joining a community!

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Friends of Culinary Arts

This is a group of patrons who believe in the importance of the hospitality industry in our community. Friends of Culinary Arts enable students to obtain new cooking equipment and earn a quality education while practicing in functional kitchens. Members support students by giving financially and by enjoying early access and discounted tickets to the sold-out lunch and dinner series!

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Friends of Performing Arts

Friends of Performing Arts are individuals who are dedicated to keeping the performing arts alive in our community and enhancing the quality of performance education at Pensacola State College.  Friends of Performing Arts support students by giving financially and by being participating in events such as the Lyceum Series, the Kamerman Piano Series, and student performances while enjoying exclusive benefits including season tickets, reserved seating, and recognition!

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For Over 70 Years, the Community has Invested in Success

Whether an Anna Society Member, Athletic Booster or a Friend of the Culinary or Performing Arts, members of PSC’s affinity groups have been key characters in our story.

Members are donors who choose to support activities about which they are passionate. They are a constant thread that binds the storyline that winds through the lives of the 109,000 PSC graduates.

Affinity group membership is a win-win as membership provides benefits to donors whose financial support enhances programs and student experiences.

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Employee Gifts are Vital to the Success of Pensacola State College


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