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Our Commitment to Affordability

Pensacola State College is committed to keeping access and affordability at the forefront of its mission. Serving a diverse population that seeks degrees, vocational and technical certifications, and student financial support is critical to ensure completion.


$3 Million

  • Supporting Vocational & Technical students that are ineligible for support through traditional Financial Aid
  • Named Endowments to ensure future educational opportunities
  • For First Generation students and to draw down available State and Federal matching support
  • Supporting Health Sciences students in support of regional job demand
  • For Veterans and their families
  • General Scholarships

The Campaign to raise an additional $3 million for scholarships can increase financial support for needy and deserving students

In 2018-19, the Pensacola State College Foundation awarded $660,000 in scholarships — 52% of those awards were made possible because generous donors had endowed their funds.

There is special need for endowments to help fund:

  • First Generation Match for Students who are the first in their family to pursue higher education.
  • Students who are ineligible for federal financial aid or Pell grants due to the length of the program or vocational certificate that would help in their career of choice.
  • Students who are in “applicant” status while they finish pre-requisites or wait for a spot to open in the nursing program or while they work to raise their grades to meet admission standards in certified programs.
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Did You Know?

  • 52% of the scholarships that Pensacola State College Foundation awards are made possible by interest earned on endowed funds.
  • In the 18-19 year, over 543 students were ineligible for federal financial aid due to their program length or because they were in “applicant” status.
  • Interest from PSCF’s $1.5M Chadbourne endowed scholarship has been used to award $770,000 in scholarships since inception.
  • Over 1,650 applications are submitted each year by students in need of scholarships.
  • Only 77% of the students who apply receive awards.