Aminat Jubril – Scholarship Recipient Spotlight

Aminat Jubril is from Lagos, Nigeria.  She came to PSC to play basketball and is the recipient of an athletic scholarship.  Her major is sports medicine/physical therapy.  “I’ve always loved medicine.  I love sports.  I wanted to do something that I could put those two together.” Being an athlete and a science major is difficult.…

Ahyiona V. – Scholarship Recipient Spotlight

Ahyiona is the first in her family to attend college and “always wanted to go to college to play basketball.”

She the recipient of a full athletic scholarship, which she has been on since she came to PSC in the fall of 2016.  “I wanted to come to PSC because of the coaches, and I wanted to help be a part of rebuilding the program.”

Jensen S. – Scholarship Recipient Spotlight

Jensen wants to see the world from all angles, “to be able to say I’ve been different places and not just in Florida my whole life.”

Jensen’s interests go beyond sports, as she is looking toward majoring in criminology.  “I like anything to do with counter intelligence.  I know there’s a big program in the Air Force with that.  I’d look into going into the military possibly to work in the field in there.”

Nick B. – Scholarship Recipient Spotlight

Nick is working to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a National Geographic landscape photographer. Nick has a pre-nursing degree and planned to move forward with a nursing degree, but his last semester, he took a photography class and fell in love with it.  “I enjoy taking candids of people.” Going to college was something…

Daryl L. – Scholarship Recipient Spotlight

Daryl biggest struggle is juggling life–both on and off the court. Daryl is getting his A.A. in general studies.  His love of sports isn’t limited to playing them.  “If the NBA doesn’t work out, I hope to be doing broadcasting–maybe in Los Angeles, New York, or a bigger city where there are more opportunities.  I’m looking…